Wines & vineyards

Wine is not like all other drinks. Aristocratic and at the same time popular, rare and everyday, expensive and cheap, you almost always find it and, literally, everywhere. At lunch, at a table with friends, at a reception The wine is there and accompanies our moments.

Wine, if used properly and in moderation, depending on the person, is excellent for both health and disease.
Hippocrates, 460-377 BC, Father of Medicine

Giannis TSELEPOS - Greek wines from Tripoli

     "KTIMA TSELEPOS" is a family-run winery that was founded in 1989 by Yannis and Amalia Tselepos. It is located in the center of the Peloponnese, in the heart of the prefecture of Arcadia. ARKADIEN stands for MOSCHOFILERO! An outstanding wine region in a high quality wine country ... By using the functioning ecosystem of the Arcadian region, we plant the autochthonous grape variety Moschofilero in our vineyards at an altitude of up to 750m. These 500 hectares of Moschofilero vines represent (since 1971) the core of the PDO. (Protected Designation of Origin) of our Mantinia vineyards. The special microclimate of the Mantinia Mountains allows grape varieties to flourish, which differ completely in characteristics and structure compared to other grape varieties grown in the Peloponnese. Thus the "Fileri", which is grown in the entire Peloponnese, is transformed into the "Moschofilero" in the Mantinia Mountains. It is the most important grape variety for the production of premium white wines, which is known for its special aroma and inimitable taste. The wine we get from Moschofilero vines is a “blanc de gris”, a white wine made from the gray grapes. It is a real child of the Arcadia vineyards, already mentioned in ancient times by the historian and traveler Theophrastus. The Moschofilero produces clear, refreshing white wines that have a coppery tinge or a rosy coat and are reminiscent of Gewürztraminer and / or Muscatel grapes. Yannis Tselepos, who studied oenology in Dijon, attaches great importance to the authenticity of the grape varieties when developing his wines. The first wine of the winery "Mantinia OPAP" appeared in 1991, made from the indigenous grape variety Moschofilero. A few years later, other cosmopolitan grape varieties followed. Today Yannis and Amalia export their wines all over the world such as Germany, Belgium, Cyprus, Great Britain, Canada and the USA.

Mantinia white dry 750ml Tselepos

     Mantinia white dry grape variety: Moschofilero 100% PDO Mantinia - Central Peloponnese.

A crystal clear white wine with a golden shimmer in the glass. Fresh and lively with long-lasting aromas of citrus fruits and lime blossoms. Fine taste with great exoticism that captivates every palate, it beguiles the senses and invites you to light Greek cuisine with light meat dishes with light sauces or even cheese variations according to your taste

Nemea Driopi Red dry 750ml Tselepos

Nemea Driopi red dry grape variety: Agiorgitiko 100% PDO Nemea - Central Peloponnese.

In the Nemea zone, in the Koutsi area, at an altitude of 350m, the privately owned and self-managed vineyards (8.5 hectares) of Giannis Tselepos are located. Nemea's main vine, Agiorgitiko (Saint George), is cultivated here. The ground is loamy and steep. This ensures very good drainage. The harvest usually begins at the end of September and ends in October. Giannis Tselepos uses classic red winemaking to produce his wines. His Nemea Driopi, which is made from the noble Agiorgitiko grape variety, has been in oak barrels for at least 10 months. He wears a ruby ​​red robe and has generous aromas of red fruits and dried nuts. A fruit play of berries alternates in the mouth and beguiles the senses. The Nemea Driopi has a well-balanced tannin structure and a long, velvety finish. It is drinkable immediately, but can also be stored for another 3 to 5 years.

Merlot "Kokkinomilos" red dry 750ml Tselepos

   Kokkinomilos red dry grape variety: Merlot 100% PGI Tegea Arcadia - Central Peloponnese

From the privately owned vineyard near Kokkinomylos in Tegea (Arcadia, Greece), on a hill with a north-west orientation and clay-rocky soil at an altitude of 750 meters, the Merlot vines that characterize the Kokkinomilos are located. The low yield per hectare and the late harvest lead to ripe and aromatic grapes.

    Classic red winemaking with minimized bottle production of 10,000 per year. Long extraction period of 25 days. Then for 15 months in new oak barrels.

    This gives it its deep red color, mixed with a rich velvety texture. Aromas of ripe red fruit with a delicate presence of vanilla and chocolate. Smooth tannins and a long finish characterize this quality, well-structured wine from Tselepos. Aging potential 10 to 15 years!

Domaine PORTO CARRAS from Chalkidiki

     Domaine Porto Carras is one of the leading wineries in Greece that revolutionized not only viticulture but also the tourism industry of the time. As early as 1965, the first planting began on the "slopes of Melitonas" on the west side of the Sithonia peninsula in Chalkidiki, where nature provides the perfect ecological conditions for viticulture. On the planted slopes, the largest organic vineyard in Greece extends over 4500 hectares. which is even one of the largest in Europe. The design of the vineyard was made by agronomists in harmony with nature and is still considered exemplary today. Thanks to the best climatic conditions, the vines can be treated with biological or natural agents and thus retain their pure organic value.

Chateau Porto Carras red dry 750ml

Chateau Porto Carras red dry grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Limnio PGI from Chalkidiki Classic method of red wine making with selected yeasts at a controlled temperature. Aging of the wine in French oak barrels for 24 months and then in bottles for about a year in underground cellars. It has a deep purple color. Complex aromas of black berries and cedar dominate here. Delicate, smoky, with structure and balance. Velvety and excellent quality, rich and persistent, this wine has the potential for very long aging!

Limneon red dry 750ml Domaine Porto Carras

    Limneon red dry 750ml grape variety: Limnio 100% PGI from Chalkidiki

Classic method of red vinification using selected yeasts at a controlled temperature. It then stays in French oak barrels for 12 months. Deep ruby ​​color. Aromas of ripe forest fruits with notes of vanilla, skin and black pepper. Mouth balanced, velvety with intense aromas of ripe black fruits and delicate sweet tannins in the finish.

Limnio "Blanc de Noir" white dry 750ml

Limnio “Blanc de Noir” dry white Grape variety: Limnio 100% PGI from Halkidiki
Limnio is one of the oldest red grape varieties in the world and is already mentioned by Homer!
The Single Vineyard Limnio Blanc De Noir is made from 100% Limnio in white wine, from vineyard number 9, which contains vines that are over 50 years old. Its complexity comes from remaining on the wine yeast for 14 months in French oak barrels. In the nose it appears with intense concentration of colors of citrus aromas, apricot, banana, raspberry, cherry, flowers, violets with notes of toasted bread, caramel and vanilla.
The mouth is full, with finesse acidity and a clear long-lasting aftertaste

Chryssalis red lovely 750ml Domaine Porto Carras

      Chryssalis red sweet 750ml grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault PGI from Halkidiki

The classic method of red wine is used with selected yeasts at controlled temperatures. Sweetening with the addition of concentrated rectified must. Its character appears intense with a ruby ​​red color. Aroma of black currant, freshly cut berries and notes of honey. Its mouth is soft, extremely balanced with an intensely sweet aftertaste!

Chryssalis Rose semi-dry 750ml Domaine Porto

   Chryssalis Rose semi-dry Grape varieties: Fokianos, Cinsault PGI from Halkidiki                                                        

Classic vinification method at low temperatures. Sweetened with added rectified must. The vineyards are located at about 200-300m and have sandy soil. Its character appears softly with a pink-salmon color. Complex nose with aromas of ripe summer fruits and peppery notes. Mouth with intense, fatty, elegant acidity and a long aftertaste of caramel notes!

Malagouzia white dry 750ml Domaine Porto Carras

MALAGOUZIA white dry grape variety: Malagouzia 100% PGI from Halkidiki

Pre-fermentation and extraction at low temperature. Winemaking in stainless steel tanks at temperatures of 16 to 18 degrees Celsius using selected yeasts. Linger on the lees for a few months, stirring evenly, while part of it is aged in French oak barrels to enrich the character of the Malagouzia.

Light citrus color. Complex nose with peach, mango and citrus aromas. Botanical cuisine made from basil and mint. Mouth richly aromatic and round, with a separate intensity, balanced acidity and long-lasting aromatic aftertaste full of exoticism!

PALIVOU from Nemea

The Palivou winery is located in Archaia Nemea, the ancient city in the heart of the quality wine appellation Nemea in the northeast of the Peloponnese. Wine has been continuously cultivated in this region for at least 3500 years, and the Palivos family has always been involved in viticulture. In 1995 the traditional wine press was replaced by a modern, fully equipped winery, with which Giorgos Palivos heralded a dynamic new beginning. Today Palivos has one of the two largest vineyards in the famous Nemea region. In addition to the native Agiorgitiko grape variety, Malagouzia, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah are also cultivated. The small, modern and very hospitable winery welcomes several thousand wine lovers every year.

Stone Hills White dry 750ml Palivos Estate

The fruity character of Chardonnay mixes with aromas of bananas, apples, pears and harmonizes with the more mature characters of peach, apricot and orange aromas of Malagouzia. The acidity of Chardonnay balances the soft and pleasant body of the Malagouzia. A fragile balance that produces a balanced and delicate wine. Noble and unique grape variety combinations, which give this wine its unique character. Stone Hills dry white grape varieties: Malagouzia 50%, Chardonnay 50% PGI Nemea - Archea Nemea

ICHNOS "Merlot" red dry 750ml Palivos Estate

Ichnos "IXNOS" dry red grape variety: Merlot 100% PGI

 A wine made from grapes that have survived naturally in the vineyard. Its deep ruby ​​color surprises and predisposes. Thick and fruity. Concentrated aromas of plum, cooked raisins and ripe fruit combine perfectly with the aromas of wood. Rich and round tannins with a pleasant and intense aftertaste and complexity. Undoubtedly a great wine of deep aging.

Rose "Vysinokipos" dry 750ml Palivos Estate

Rose "Vysinokipos" dry Grape varieties: Agiorgitiko, Syrah PGI Nemea - Peloponnese

At the lowest point of the ancient Nemean vineyards, we cultivate "agiorgitiko vines", a distinctive way of obtaining the few colors and the greatest primary aromatic compounds from the skin of the grapes. Agiorgitiko confirms its versatility, besides being able to produce full-bodied red wines, also excellent rose wines. In the scent aromas of strawberries, cherries and gooseberries appear paired with fresh citrus aromas. Its acid structure is refreshing and tightens the palate with a fruity mouthpiece with subtle tannins. A delicate wine that is able to accompany every dish.

TATAKIS from Rhodes

The Tatakis family has been producing excellent quality wines since 2003. Since then, Tatakis has been producing local Greek varieties such as Moschato, Mandilari, Agiorgitiko and Moschofilero, as well as international grape varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, with special care, high-quality wines. The Tatakis winery on Rhodes is now known for its lovely wines, such as Esperinos, Symposium and above all “Rosalia. The philosophy of our winemakers is to harmonize tradition with modern awareness. The winery has developed great dynamism in recent years to increase the production and the degree of familiarity of the wines from the world-famous island of Rhodes ...

Kokkini Porta Red dry 750ml Tatakis

Kokkini Porta Red dry 750ml Grape varieties: Mandilari, Merlot PGI from Rhodes

A top-class Rhodian red wine made from a combination of grape varieties that promises a lot. The Mandilaria grape is an indigenous grape variety from Greece, which is mainly found on the islands. Their character is usually provided with dark notes that are reminiscent of plum, dark berries and leather, which also predominantly appear in this wine. The Merlot brings the fruity balance into the wine and this gives it its balanced fruity character.

Kokkini Porta (Red Door) is the expressive character from Rhodes, which appears with a deep red color with aromas of plums and dark berries. Its full-bodied taste confirms its aromatic structure and shows sweet spicy notes with very velvety and round tannins.

Through its 12 months of aging in barrique barrels, it gets its elegance and complexity, which make it unique in its own way. The new wine class of Greece with a top wine from Rhodes!

MegAthiri white dry 750ml Tatakis

Megathiri "Athiri" dry white Grape variety: Athiri 100% PGI from Rhodes

A dry white wine made from the autochthonous, Rhodian grape variety "Athiri". A very exquisite dry white wine made from the Athiri grape, which is known for developing its very own charm from the island of Rhodes. Fine dry an aroma structure wafts in the nose, which is very clear and emphasizes fresh peach notes. On the palate it maintains its aroma and it develops fine peach skin notes and peach with a wonderfully mild and balanced acidity. Its reverberation is long-lasting and stays very long, with a residual sweetness on the lips that screams for the next sip

Rosalia Rose lovely 750ml Tatakis

    A lovely rose wine from the autochthonous, Rhodian grape variety "Moschato". The Moschato is cultivated and grows in selected vineyards around Rhodes. The fruity sweetness of the Moschato is finely combined with the acid and the result is an exquisite and qualitative lovely rose wine with notes of red fruits like strawberries,

Raspberry, but also a hint of pomegranate

Symposium white sweet 750ml Tatakis

    A lovely white wine made from the autochthonous, Rhodian grape variety "Moschato". The Moschato is cultivated

and grows in selected vineyards around Rhodes. The fruity sweetness of the moschato is finely combined with the acidity and the result is a delightful, sweet wine with exotic notes of elderberries and honeydew melons

and slight kiwi traces. A sweet mouth chimes accompanies a long reverberation.         

Esperinos red lovely 750ml Tatakis

     A lovely red wine from the autochthonous, Rhodian grape variety "Mandilaria". The Mandilaria is cultivated and grows in selected vineyards around Rhodes. The fruity sweetness of the Mandilaria is finely combined with the acid and the result is an exquisite and qualitative sweet red wine with notes of red fruits like blackberry,

Gooseberry and light cherry notes.

MEGA SPILEO from Peloponnese

The first official mentions of the monastery winery date back to 1550. The winery and winery were used by monks to harvest grapes and to cultivate wine. The must was brought by the monks with mules into the monastery cellar, where it was poured into 500 liter wooden barrels. Locals helped the monks with their work and made the winery and wine popular in the region. At the end of the 80s, viticulture was no longer continued in the monastery winery because the number of monks living there was increasingly decimated.

The restoration of the abandoned vineyard and the planting with new vines began in 1999.

Since then, various famous autochthonous and international grape varieties such as

Mavrodaphne, Mavro Kalavritino, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Lagorthi, Assyrtiko, Malagouzia und

Riesling. The planting density is 4,100 vines per hectare.

Cuvee III red dry 750ml Mega Spileo

Cuvée III dry red grape varieties: Mavrodaphne 40%, Cabernet Sauvignon 40%, Agiorgitiko 20% PGI - Peloponnese ’deep purple color, very dark in the heart. Intense notes of syrups of red and black fruits. On the palate, this wine impresses with a flavor composition of pencil, wood notes, biscuits and sweet spices. It looks warm and luscious in the mouth. Its tannins are linear and elegant and make for a pleasant pairing with cooked ham & aged cheese. Smoky, fruity and very harmonious!


Cuvee III white dry 750ml Mega Spileo

Cuvée III dry white grape varieties: Malagouzia, Assyrtiko, Chardonnay PGI Kalavryta - Peloponnese

Vineyards around the Mega Spileo Klostergut. Each grape variety is vinified separately from one another. This is followed by fermentation of the Malagouzia and Assyrtiko in small stainless steel tanks at low temperatures for 3 months on the fine lees. The Chardonnay is fermented in oak barrels and remains in these for a total of 4 months. The final composition of the grape varieties remains in a stainless steel tank for 3 weeks before it is then bottled.

Yellowish color nuances with green color components in sight. White flowers, basil, white nectarine and coconut butter on the nose. In the mouth, the crisp acidity is well integrated into the tannin of the barrels. Nice complexity on the palate and a long refreshing aftertaste.

Moschato white dry 750ml Mega Spileo

     Moschato white dry grape variety: Moschato 100% PGI Kalavryta - Peloponnese

The harvest takes place by hand in mid-September. Mash standing time is 3-5 hours. Must clarification after 48 hours. Alcoholic fermentation using selected yeasts at a very low temperature. Maturation on fine lees in stainless steel tanks for 2 months. Moschato is typical of the variety with its intensely aromatic character of flowers, citrus notes and exotic fruits. Warm in the mouth with crisp acidity. Fresh and aromatic finish.

KIR YANNI from Naoussa

In 1968, Yiannis Boutaris bought a 50-hectare piece of land outside Yianakohori, a village near Naoussa.

The first plantations of Xinomavro in the early 1970s were the beginning of the revival of the old vineyard of Naoussa and paved the way for the production of terroir wines, which meant a revolution in the Greek wine growing scene in recent years.

In the vicinity of Naoussa, the Weih has a centuries-old history. The first written documents prove that viticulture and wine production were practiced here as early as the 16th century.

Throughout the Turkish occupation and until the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, the wine of Naoussa traveled to Central and Eastern Europe, but also to Alexandria in Egypt. At this time, wine was the main crop of the region, the exports flourished and the inhabitants of Naoussa enjoyed great prosperity. The main wine grown in the vineyards of Naoussa was Xinomavro, planted in tapestry and in dense rows.

The outbreak of the plague of Reblau and the difficult conditions caused by the two world wars led to the destruction of the vineyards of Naoussa, which were not restored until after 1970. One of the milestones in the modern history of wine-making in the area was the declaration of Naoussa in 1971 as the VDQS region (OPAP and now PDO, Naoussa), one of the two protected designations of origin for the pure Xinomavro. Today, Naoussa is one of the most prominent wine-producing regions of Greece, with vineyards of 500 ha and about 20 wineries in the area.

Paranga Red dry 750ml Kir Yianni

  • Paranga Red Dry Rope Varieties: Merlot, Syrah, Xinomavro g.g.A. from Naoussa

The charming aromas of red wild fruits and cherries are underlined with fine notes of rose petals. The palate shows balance, a round mouthfeel, soft tannins and a long, aromatic aftertaste. Light and spicy with refreshing acidity and mild tannins.

Paranga White Dry 750ml Kir Yianni

  • Paranga White dry grape varieties: Roditis, Malagouzia g.g.A. from Macedonia

       Intense but refined nutmeg aromas of jasmine, white peach and apricot, typical of high-quality malagousia, are pleasantly balanced by the freshness of a mountainous rhoditis and add a crispy acid and spice to the final mixture. The persistent fruity aftertaste underlines the intense taste and underlines a wine with enchanting character.

Akakies Rose dry 750ml Kir Yianni

  • Acacia Rose dry Rope varieties: Xinomavro 100% g.U. Amyndeon - Macedonia

    The vineyard is located at an altitude of 700 meters in the viticultural zone of Agios Panteleimon, in the Amyndeon Appellation in northwestern Greece, the only Greek rosé wine with g.U. (protected designation of origin). The soil is sandy and poor, which offers the opportunity to produce wines of read quality and rich in aromas. The microclimate of the region is characterized by cold winters and warm summers, while the four nearby lakes contribute to the existence of a mild continental climate. . The palate soothes the sour acid, salads with the aromatic intensity and turns into a long-lasting, spicy finish. become.

Dyo Elies Red Dry 750ml Kir Yianni

Dyo Elies Red Dry Rope Varieties: Merlot, Syrah, Xinomavro g.g.A. from Imathia
In the nose of deep red, the wine shows a lush character, composed of smoky, caramel and vanilla tones that appear against a background of ripe red fruits and chocolate. The palate is full, showing volume, a rich structure and a lip-like freshness that creates a sustained, spicy finish.

Assyrtiko White dry 750ml Kir Yianni

Assyrtiko White dry grape varieties: Assyrtiko 100% g.g.A. from Imathia

The vineyard is located at an altitude of 700 meters in the viticultural zone of Agios Panteleimon in the Amyndeon appellation in northwestern Greece. The average yield of Weinberg does not exceed 40 hl / he. The soil is sandy and thus offers the opportunity to produce wines of excellent quality and rich aromas. The microclimate of the region is characterized by cold winters and warm summers, while the four nearby lakes contribute to the creation of a mild continental climate. Assyrtiko is made from young vines that are 6-8 years old.

Assyrtiko is a wine with an intense, refreshing acidity and a solid structure, which is ideal for the following dishes: roasted or poached fish fillet, roasted cod, roasted stuffed squid, pasta in white sauce, white cheese

GLINAVOS from Epirus

Our vineyard is characterized by a semi-montane climate and covers an area of ​​approx. 145000 m². It is one of the most remote vineyards in northwestern Greece, in which the native vines "Vlachiko", "Bekari" and of course the white vines "Debina" thrive, giving the region the rare privilege of bearing wines with a protected designation of origin.

Of course, many other Greek and international grapes such as "Malagouzia", ​​"Cabernet Sauvignon", "Merlot" from Epirus, "Traminer" and "Sauvignon Blanc" are not to be missed from the Weinbergen.

The winery was founded in 1978 by the oncologist and winemaker Lefteris Glivanos on the hill Profitis Ilias near Zitsa. An important concern of the founder was to bring the winery with the characteristics and peculiarities of the region into a harmonious harmony. For this reason, only materials from the region were used in the construction of the plant; the architecture is reminiscent of a monastery building. The source of inspiration was the historic monastery Profitis Ilias, which is located close to our winery and dates back to the 16th century.

Our wine-making facilities take into account the current concept of the production of a high-quality wine - always with respect to tradition. We always make sure that the facilities, areas and functionality of our company meet all the requirements and meet the requirements to produce excellent wines and spirits - which has always been and will remain our most important goal.

The main building of our wine growing company covers an area of ​​approx. 3000 m² and is part of a complex with an area of ​​5,500 m², to which the wine-making facilities, the offices of the administration and the special guest areas belong. The distillery is housed in a separate building, in which the epic Tsipouro of the wine estate Glivanos from the native vineyard "Debina" is obtained.

Beloudo Red Dry 750ml Glinavos

  • Beloudo Red dry grape varieties: Vlachiko, Bekari, Agiorgitiko g.g.A. aus Zitsa - Ioannina

Same taste, with a hint of red forest fruits. The combination of the well-known vines of the Peloponnese Agiorgitiko with the two red vines of Epirus, Vlachiko and Bekari, represents a very special wine composition. The result is a unique red wine with a delicious deep ruby ​​red color. The aging in French oak barrels over a period of 12 months rounds off the full, velvety and subtle taste of the wine and allows the development of sweet aromas.

VLACHIKO Red dry 750ml Glinavos

 VLACHIKO Red dry grape varieties: Vlachiko, Bekiari g.g.A. aus Zitsa - Ioannina

Deep purple. Peppery character, black fruits, aromatic explosion. The combination of the two indigenous grape varieties from Ioannina "Vlachiko" and "Bekari" creates a unique red wine with an explosive aromatic character. Aromas of red and black fruits such as blackberries, black cherries and plums; freshly cut mushrooms and peppery elements underline the complex interplay of flavors. The earthy elegance that the wine owes to the freshly cut mushrooms, but also the peppery elements of the composition round off the complex and particularly interesting bouquet. The strong tannins and a particularly fresh acidity indicate that it is a wine with great aging potential. trades. The variety of black fruits and the spicy spices create an explosive bouquet of aromas on the tongue. Its color and aroma are reminiscent of wild red and black wild fruits, such as blackberries and wild cherries. The wine for approx. Aged for 2 years in French oak barrels, it gets a fuller body and develops its aromas, which makes it even more unique.          

Zitsa White dry 750ml Glinavos

Zitsa White dry grape varieties: Debina 100% g.U. aus Zitsa - Ioannina
Luminous gold with green shade. Refined aromas, where the aromas of apple and pear dominate with a hint of white peach. Citrus scents of citrus plants round off the extraordinary aromas. It is distinguished by its youthful taste, which, with its refined acidity, makes the freshness of the fruit extraordinarily effective.

PANAGIOTOPOULOS from Peloponnese

Dimitris Panagiotopoulos worked for several years in another winery in the area, where he enjoyed making wine and gaining valuable experiences. As an employee, however, he could not produce any wines of his choice and conviction. In 1982, together with his father, an experienced winemaker, they decided to make their dream come true. They put together a trustworthy team and each of them brought their experience and knowledge to achieve their common goal. Shortly before the wine reading in 2005, the winery had its own winery that could receive the first grapes and visitors. The way was paved! His experience in the wine industry allows Dimitris Panagiotopoulos to turn his love of wine vine and wine into a bottle. His patience and attention drive him to produce high quality wines with a sense of place and to be able to look to the future with hope…

Cube "Vini-Lok" Rose Dry 750ml Panagiotopoulos

CUBE Rose dry - Vini-Lok (glass closure) Rope variety: Grenache Rouge 100% g.g.A. from Messinia - Peloponnese A wine created 100% from the Grenache Rouge. Aromas of strawberries and raspberries are reflected in his character, where he seems very fruity and has very little acidity.

         A rose with a lot of shine and a great garment, with a very long effect in the aftertaste.

        Color emerges. Its character with moderate acidity appears with notes of peach and apricot

        with floral shades. Balanced with a great overall harmony!


DRAMA cultivation area with over 4000 years of history (world cultural heritage):

In ancient times, drama was part of a large region called Idons. According to archaeological research, it was an important center of Dionysian worship. There is also evidence of vine finds from the 4th millennium BC. This makes it easy to imagine the importance of viticulture in the region. In addition to the vineyards, the winery includes a 15,000 square meter building with a winery, distillery, underground cellars and the reception area for visitors.

Amethystos red dry 750ml Costa Lazaridi

Amethystos red dry grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Agiorgitiko PGI Drama - Macedonia

Intense, almost black, dark red. Complex, aromatic bouquet with great potential for development. In the foreground, violets, currants, a touch of plum jam, mint, cedar and toasted bread alternate. Strong and substantial, without losing your balance. Intense, balanced tannins and a lot of fruit at the same time promise longevity and great pleasure.

Amethystos Fumé White dry 750ml Costa Lazaridi

Amethystos Fumé white dry Grape variety: Sauvignon Blanc PDO Drama - Macedonia
The famous Sauvignon Blanc finds ideal conditions in our Drama vineyards to show its strengths. Ferments for about four months in oak barrels, where it reacts with the fine yeast and increases its complexity through regular battonage.
Light yellow with fresh green tones. Attractive and complex aromas from the grape and from the barrel, exotic fruits, cassis leaves, butter, vanilla and a hint of sweet spices. The right acidity balances the alcohol and the body of the wine and creates a harmonious result. Long-lasting finish dominated by exotic fruits and wood notes.

Amethystos Rose dry 750ml Costa Lazaridi

Amethystos Rose dry Grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot PGI Drama - Macedonia
Crystal clear, deep pink color. Expressive aromatic presence of red currants and strawberry berries. Lively at first, it reveals its combination of fullness and acidity, complemented by the long, fruity finish.


Syrah red dry 750ml Costa Lazaridi

SYRAH red dry grape variety: Syrah 100% PGI Drama - Macedonia Year 2018
Very intense deep red, almost impenetrable. Typical expression of the grape variety with the bouquet that develops on many levels. Aromas of violets, berries, black currants, olives, black pepper and chocolate with subtle vanilla and toasted bread in the background. Warm and generous, with soft tannins and very fruity. Well balanced with a persistent presence of spices in its long finish.

ZACHARIAS from Nemea

The "Zacharias Vineyards" were founded by one of the oldest winemaking families in Nemea and are based on tradition and high scientific training. To date, they have produced more than 20 labels and have received several awards. Our company was founded by Elias Zacharias. Elias Zacharias is a graduate of the Athens School of Agriculture with a high level of scientific education but mainly with a strong inclination to offer in the place where he was born and raised. Since 1974 he has continuously offered his services as an agronomist in Nemea and his grapes.

Omikron red dry 750ml Zacharias

Omikron red dry grape variety: Agiorgitiko PGI Nemea - Peloponnese
Deep red wine made from the finest Greek red wine Agiorgitiko. It is characterized by its velvety taste and the intense, fresh aromas of red fruits. It has soft tannins with good balance. The vineyards are located in selected vineyards on the Nemean Plain.

Omikron white dry 750ml Zacharias

Omikron white dry grape variety: Moschofilero, Roditis PGI Nemea - Peloponnese
A white wine that combines two famous white wines - the Roditis and the Moschofilero. Omikron White is characterized by its crispness and its yellow-white color. Its aroma is lively fruity with pleasant accents of citrus fruits. Vineyards: The Roditis comes from selected vineyards in Corinth, while the Moschofilero comes from selected vineyards in the Mantineia region.

Omikron Rose dry 750ml Zacharias

Omikron Rose dry grape variety: Agiorgitiko PGI Nemea - Peloponnese
Light rosé wine with a pink color and delicate fruit aromas. It is characterized by a cool taste, which is dominated by cherries and strawberries. The vineyards are located in selected vineyards in the Psario area of ​​Nemea.

SKOURAS from Nemea & Argolida

Das Skouras Weingut wurde 1986 in Pyrgela/Argos, von dem in Dijon ausgebildeten Oenologen Georg Skouras, gegründet. Im Jahr 1988lancierte G. Skouras sein innovatives Weinetikett „Skouras Megas Oenos“. Innovativ, weil er der erste Winzer in Griechenland war, der sich an die Mischung autochthoner und internationaler Rebsorten traute. Er mischte den „Skouras Megas Oenos“ aus der autochthonen „Agiorgitiko“in Kombination mit der internationalen „Cabernet Sauvignon“ mit illustren Ergebnissen. Er revolutionierte den griechischen Weinmarkt mit seiner gewagten Entscheidung und somit kam auch der Erfolg. Im Jahr1996 wurde ein kleines Weingut in „Gymno“ gebaut, eines der Dörfer mit der Herkunftsbezeichnung „Nemea Zone“ und im Jahr 2004, eröffnete Georg Skouras die Pforten seines zweiten Weinguts, mit der herrlichen, hochmodernen Anlage in Malandreni.


Cuvee Prestige Red dry 750ml Skouras

Cuvée Prestige red dry Skouras grape variety: Agiorgitiko - Cabernet Sauvignon PGI Nemea / Mantinia - Peloponnese
The color is a brilliant, moderately strong purple with pink accents. On the nose, this wine is lively with an intense scent of black cherries, blackberries, a tone of plums, violets and dried herbs. Medium-bodied on the palate, it is harmoniously rounded with moderate acidity and mild tannins. The aftertaste is restrained, with a slight hint of anise.

Cuvee Prestige Rose dry 750ml Skouras

Cuvee Prestige Rose dry Skouras grape variety: Agiorgitiko - Moschofilero PGI Corinth / Mantinia
The color is an intense, light cherry red with a pink tint. Lively and clear on the nose, with aromas of ripe cherries, raspberries, a pinch of sweet spices and a hint of pink petals. On the palate, this wine is of moderate body, and moderate in acidity with a very slight hint of very ripe tannins. The taste is in tune with the aromas, with a slight hint of sweet grass and chewing gum. The finish is moderately long, with an evolving taste that adds complexity.


Megas Oenos Red dry 750ml Skouras

Megas Oenos Skouras grape varieties: Agiorgitiko 80%, Cabernet Sauvignon 20% PGI Nemea / Corinth - Peloponnese
We present you "Megas Oenos Skouras" the flagship among the wines of Georg Skouras. "Megas Oenos Skouras" is vinified from the indigenous grape variety "Agiorgitiko", which is cultivated in Gimno / Nemea at an altitude of 700m, in combination with the international grape variety "Cabernet Sauvignon", which is also cultivated at an altitude of 700m around Corinth. It matures for 18 months in new French barriques, after which it remains in the bottle for 6 more months. In the glass it is dark red with an intense purple sheen. It has a very fine aroma of ripe red fruits such as blackberries, black raspberries, cherries, sour cherries and spicy notes of cloves, sweet spices and tobacco, smoke and leather. In the mouth it appears silky, yet robust, framed by fine tannins.

TSANTALI tradition since 1890

The Tsantali family has been tending and cultivating vineyards since 1890, making wines and distilling grape marc to make Tsipouro and Ouzo. From our own vineyards and wineries in Agios Pavlos, in the holiday paradise of Chalkidiki, in Metochi Chromitsa, in the monastic community of Mount Athos, in Rapsani, on Mount Olympus in Maronia, in the historical Thraki and in Strantza in Naousa, in western Macedonia In northern Greece, Tsantali offers wines full of character that express their terroir and are enjoyed all over the world with an excellent price-benefit ratio.

Metochi Chromitsa Red dry 750ml Tsantali

Metochi Chromitsa Red dry Grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Limnio PGI Holy Mount Athos
Metochi Chromitsa red, is an excellent cuvee, made from the indigenous grape variety Limnio and the international Cabernet Sauvignon. Metochi Chromitsa has cult wine status, which has been awarded many prizes in international wine competitions. Dense porphyry red in the eye, lush aromas of dark forest berry notes in the bouquet. Smooth on the palate, elegant on a chocolate background. Metochi Chromitsa is aged in new barriques for 12 months.

Abaton red dry 750ml Tsantali

AGIORGITIKO ABATON is the "organic" wine with cult status from Mount Athos
from the organically grown grape varieties Limnio and Cabernet Sauvignon. Aged for nine months in new barriques. A limited edition selection, dark red in color. Notes of dark berries, pepper in the fragrance with finely integrated oak tones. Harmonious, elegant, full, fascinating, with enormous reverberation.